Waste Disposal

Don't make waste disposal a problem for your business or at home. Get rid of wastage hassle-free and easily. With our easy three-way process, you're on your way to a rubbish-free environment. What is our three-way process? First, hire our bin. Next, you fill the bin with trash. Lastly, we empty the bin and take away wastages. Depending on the amount of waste that you need to remove, we can do a weekly waste disposal, forthnightly waste removalor a monthly waste removal.

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We cater to your various needs when it comes to waste disposal. If you have a large family or your business is producing a lot of waste due to certain activities, we recommend the weekly waste removal. In case your home or business doesn't produce too much waste then we can empty your bins forthnightly. We also have the Monthly Waste Removal option if your home or business does not produce a lot of waste.

Our waste disposal packages are not only effective. It keeps your business or home environment clean. Choose from any of our affordable packages. A Single Bin Regular Collection should be enough for households that produce wastage regularly and the Two Bins Regular Picks is recommended for business and homes that produce more wastage due to more occupants.

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