Rubbish Removal

We at GRD Waste are serious about rubbish removal and safely doing it. Whether it's for business or for residential areas, our process is simple. We have bins for hire. Once you hire our bins, we will take care of the rubbish removal for you after you fill the bin with wastages. It's a hassle-free process because the waste bins are emptied based on the package you selected. If you have any other requirements, we can customize the job for your other needs and specification. This is an efficient way of removing wastages for both businesses and homes. We clean up your garbage professionally and fast. With our bins, you can now safely dispose of kitchen and food garbage, garden waste as well as other household wastes including nappies. If you have any other type of wastage, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange a special package for you.

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Our bins come in two packages: single bin regular collection and the two bins regular pick-up. For households, a single bin would be more than sufficient while for businesses andhomes with several occupants, the two bins regular pickup would be a great choice.

Hire our Bin today and clear up your ambiance from waste.