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Bins On Hire

Bins On Hire


Are you in the rut of building up piles of garbage waiting for a hugely expensive big bin meanwhile the rubbish pile is stored in valuable space attracting vermin and odours. Are you a small business who needs a professional, efficient on time and cost competitive regular garbage collection service?

Then you need a service which is regular and reliable, with friendly customer service and professional office standards.


Choosing carefully your weekly bin hire service company and rubbish removal professionals is important. You need to look out for hidden charges, additional costs that may be added without notice. You would be advised to be aware of what the charges are for extra services, cancellations, what happens when you go away, what happens if your bin is not emptied, or if you miss a pick up? You need to be aware you and your waste collection service provider will be in a long term business relationship. Are the staff friendly, courteous, professional and responsive?

REPUTATION: check if the company has the above attributes so you are making the right choice for you and not just because they are big and multinational.

EXPERIENCE: a well experienced rubbish collection service in Frankston and Carrum Downs or Seaford, Langwarrin, Mt Eliza and surrounding suburbs will ensure you will never have to worry about rubbish problems again and you can get on with your life and business knowing this important service is taken care of.

COSTS: invoices should be itemised and clear. Payment methods online should be available. A quality waste management operator will provide accurate and honest rates without hidden extra charges. Watch out for these, especially because you will be in a long term business relationship.

DELIVERY: collection days should be clear. Unforeseen events communicated. Phones should be answered, emails responded. Text message communication also is convenient.

At GRD Waste Services we are committed to excellence in service at every point of contact you will have  with our company. We take pride in providing a business in your community that lifts up the overall bar of EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE from showing up on time, to handling calls and enquiries to being friendly and responsive at all times.